Aaron Ali, 40 (18.06.78) of Poplar Place, SE28, was found guilty by a jury on Friday, 28 September after a week-long trial at Southwark Crown Court.

He will be sentenced at the same court on a date to be confirmed.

The court heard Ali was on Wickham Lane in Welling, on Thursday, 14 June when he reversed his electric wheelchair into Doris Collins, 88, and Joan Benjafield, 90, while they were out shopping in Welling, Kent.

The two pensioners were waiting at a bus stop outside South East Models shop when they were run over by Ali, a court heard.

Both women were knocked to the ground and Ali then drove off.

Ali told the court that he making his way to Lidl to buy some food when he passed the elderly women outside Southeast Models.

Giving evidence at Southwark Crown Court, he said he was the midst of a diabetic crash and was feeling drowsy after his daily morphine intake.

Ali explained: ‘That day I was not feeling well. I was having a diabetic crash. That was what was happening. Basically, I am on morphine, a 116 milligrams a day.

‘Sometimes you would be moving and you would feel like you are sitting. I would knock thing over. It makes you clumsy like a drunk.

‘I am feeling like I am going to pass out, I know my blood sugar level. I am having a diabetic crash, that is what happened.

‘When I went past the ladies on the right they were not underneath the bus shelter. I thought they were not close to me.

‘I hit something twice. It was plastic, metal and glass altogether. It was a “clonky” sound.

‘The first time it hit the bus bench I looked back to see if anyone was behind me. There was nobody.

‘Then I turn to see what he was looking at and I see two ladies on the floor. I was not sure if I hit them or I hit the bus stop and they fell or they pushed each other.

‘I was not thinking at that point, I was just scared. I knew my wheelchair had some thing to do with it and I was driving. I was scared people were going to attack me thinking I had done it on purpose.

‘I drove in the opposite direction I was going in.’

Ali said he then had an energy drink and ate some sweets to restore his blood sugar levels.

Ms Benjafield was left with bruises to her calf and ribs while Ms Collins suffered some abrasions to her knee.

Police were called to the scene and CCTV evidence from a nearby shop was used to identify Ali, who was arrested on Monday, 18 June.

After he was searched at Plumstead police station, a small amount of cannabis was found.

While in custody he damaged a laptop after he pushed it onto the floor during an interview with detectives.

As a result of these actions, Ali was also charged with possession of a Class B drug and one count of criminal damage, pleading guilty.

Ali was also accused of ambushing 72-year-old Michael Gibson in another random attack in nearby Woolwich High Street on January 2 but was found not guilty.

Mr Gibson got up and saw Ali making his way at speed down the road and turning the corner. He ran after Ali in hot pursuit and caught up to him.

He said that Ali kept looking ahead and refused to answer him. ‘He was in a wheelchair so I left it at that,’ said Mr Gibson.

Mr Gibson said he lit a cigarette after the incident and part of his front tooth came off.

‘I’ve only got three teeth so I did not need to lose another one,’ he said. My face was swollen up and hanging down. After I was just on soups and things like that.’

Ali said Gibson came running at him with a trolley.

‘He was coming towards me he was pulling a trolley on his left side. He was literally running behind someone, He was running to catch up with somebody I believe.

‘There were people here, people everywhere. There a bollard here and a bollard there. The pavement is about a metre either way.

‘There were people walking on both sides of me and the bollards. He was coming around the corner. He was coming straight towards me.

‘He is coming past the market in front of the Chinese shop. He came running round the corner at some speed.

‘My arm was, I think, on the handle, my left arm was controlling the wheel chair. He is coming straight to my right leg and my right arm and he is not slowing down.

‘He is not side-stepping he is coming straight towards me as he is chasing someone. I am trying to slow down at that first place you have got to gradually slow down.

‘I had my hand up to brace and I braced for impact. He was literally over me. I thought he was going to crash into me.

‘I had my arm up to brace my face.’

Detective Constable Iain Hill, of Bexley CID, said: ““Ali has used a means in aiding movement as a weapon, injuring two vulnerable people in this despicable act showing absolutely no remorse for his actions.

“He showed a blatant disregard for the welfare of the women he injured with his electric wheelchair. After hitting them, he drove off in attempt to avoid the consequences of his actions. Even after being arrested by police, Ali acted in an aggressive manner towards police and caused damage to a detective’s laptop after he lost his temper and threw it on the floor.”