What has the world come to last week a Madrasa teacher raped his 9 year old student, then came the tragic news of 6 year old Zainab who was raped and murdered and now this.

A teacher has beaten his 9 year old student to death only because he didn’t attend the madrasa.

The incident happened in Bin Qasim Town in Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi.

Najm udin who teaches Quran in Madrasa took Muhammad Hussain’s life by beating him with a steal pipe.

The safety of children in Pakistan have become a big concern that be from sexual predators outside on the street or in schools or Madrasa.

Someone questioned Najm udin about the incident and he calmly replied and tried to justify his evil act of killing a nine year old.

Madrasa should be a place that a child would want to go by himself and happily but if monsters like Najm Udin keep on doing these horrific acts very soon no child would want to attend madrasa or learn Quran. Monsters like Najm Udin are degrading the real value of madrasa and Islam.

These issues need to be addressed, everyone needs to unite and stand against persecution, violence, hate and oppression, no matter who is the victim.