Zahid Zaman, 43, who bought back the punishment of the “Dark Ages” by forcing his victim eat his own testicles has been sentenced to jail for 33 years.

He was the leader of a North Tyneside gang that tortured Jimmy Prout, 45, for months which eventually led to his death.

Mr Justice Dove Sentenced Zahid to 33 years and described him as “an evil, vindictive, manipulative and devious man”.

Zahid of Newcastle would always look for vulnerable men so that he could have absolute control over them. Zahid came across Mr Prout and made him his Lackey.

Zahid started abusing him after a few events that took place in 2015 which increased the tension between the two groups, it started with Mr Prout’s teeth being pulled with a chisel and Hammer.

He was also made to endure Sexual assault from a dog and then forced to eat one of his own testicles.

Mr Prout could not bear the pain and died on Feb 9 2016, the gang then dumped his body on wasteland where it was partially eaten by animals and partially decomposed.

Zahid then directed his gang members to go around and ask people if anyone had seen Mr Prout pretending as if they were looking for him so none gets suspicious.

Ann Corbett, 26, assistant of Zahid, was also found guilty of murder and was jailed for 27 years.

Mr Justice Dove said “what he (Mr Prout) suffered was beyond imagining”.

He said the case involved the “sadistic torture of a vulnerable victim” which was “designed to inflict excruciating pain” and “monstrous violence”.

Kay Raywoth, 56, and Myra Wood, 50, were found not guilty of murder but were convicted of allowing or causing death.

Kay Raywoth was sentenced to jail for twelve years and four months.

Myra Wood was sent behind bars for nine years.

They were told they had a chance to save Mr Prout and given “the help common humanity cried out for”.