Irfan Mahmood Fiaz, 20, convinced a young school girl that their relationship was normal so she would sleep with him.

Irfan was jailed for sexualy assaulting a minor at Minshul Street Crown Court after he pleaded guilty.

The court was told the victim was reported missing 3 times in  month when she was away from home at night.

Each time she was with Irfan, he took her home and sexually abused her.

Police tracked the young girl to Irfan’s house address and arrested him there.

Irfan claimed to be innocent and blamed the young girl for the incident.

He pleaded guilty at his first hearing to 2 counts of sexual assault with a minor.

Irfan will be in a young offenders institute for three years and will have to sign the sex offenders register for life.

Speaking after the case, Det Con Ben Harris of the Rochdale Sunrise Team, slammed Fiaz’s attempts to blame his victim.

He said: “Fiaz is a predator who preyed on a vulnerable 14-year-old girl in a typical example of the boyfriend model of child sexual exploitation.

“He made her feel as though they were in a grown up relationship and encouraged her to stay over at his home address away from her parents, where he then exploited her.

“The fact he felt it was the child’s fault is disturbing and his lack of remorse is reflected in the sentence.

“CSE in any form is unacceptable and we in the Sunrise team will continue to work tirelessly to investigate all reports of this nature and safeguard victims of exploitation.”