Asifa Bano, 8, was kidnapped raped and then murdered by Indian police only to scare her tribe and force them to leave the area.

It has been alleged that they had planned the kidnap over a month ago.

The tragic incident happened in Kashmir valley where tension is always high between the extremist Hindus and Muslims.

Asifa had taken out the ponies for grazing in the forest from where she was kidnapped.

Her body was found a week later in the woods.

Investigators have revealed that Asifa was held captive in a Hindu temple for several days.

Forensic report revealed she was drugged with anti-anxiety medication, she had been raped multiple times by different men, tortured, burned and then strangled to death. And then her dead body was thrown into the forest.

Asifa was kidnapped on January 10, from a village 45 miles of Jammu city.

A complaint was made to the police after 2 days of her disappearance.

After 5 days a neighbor found her dead body in the forest.

The neighbor came running to break the news to Muhammad Yusuf Pujawala, 52, father Asifa Bano.

He said they have found Asifa Bano.

‘I knew something horrible had happened to my girl,’ Mr Pujwala said.

He and his wife Naseema Bii ran toward the forest to see the body.

‘Her nails had turned black and there were blue and red marks on her arm and fingers.’ Mr Pujwala said.

Tension had been rising in the area over a dispute of land between Muslims and the Extremist Hindus.

Many complaints have been made by the nomadic girls to police in relation to them being harassed by Hindu men but police have failed to take any action against them.

Police claims, Asifa was kidnapped just to scare the Bakrawals but after kidnapping her the kidnappers deviated from their plan and raped her.

Seven men including four police officers and a child have been arrested.

One of the arrested men is Sanji Ram, 60, who is a retired government official and the caretaker of the Hindu temple where Asifa was held. He was also the ring leader.

One of the police officer arrested was part of the search team who made attempts to destroy evidence.

According to the charge sheet, Asifa was kidnapped by Sanji Ram’s nephew on Rams orders.

Asifa had lost track of her horses and was looking for them when she came across the nephew, who took her to the forest claiming her horses has gone there.

Asifa Bano felt he was not saying the truth and had some other plans and tried to escape, but she was caught from behind and taken away.

She was held in the Hindu temple where he raped her and was joined by police officers who raped her in turns.

She was hidden in the prayer hall under a table, the charge sheet reads.

The tragic incident has sparked fierce protests across India, and tension is all time high between the extremist Hindus and the local Muslims.

At first police were not making any effort to arrest the culprits but after fierce protests all over Kashmir, they arrested 7 men including 4 police officers.

Soon after the arrest were made, members of the Extremist Hindu Ekta Manch started a march on the streets of Jammu carrying a huge Indian flag and demanded for the men to be released.

Extremist Hindu lawyers tried to stop the police from entering into the local court so they cannot file the investigation report.

The lawyers claimed police was framing the 6 Hindu men.

Police had to call for backup and then handed the investigation report to the judge at his home.