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A campaigner who threw a milkshake over Tommy Robinson after he says he was taunted by the EDL founder’s entourage claims he is getting death threats.

Danyaal Mahmud, 23, has been hailed as a symbol of a protest movement against the European election candidate after he doused Robinson with milkshake in Warrington.

But Mr Mahmud said last Thursday’s altercation – in which Robinson was seen bashing him over the head – and the ensuing notoriety has left him feeling vulnerable.

The apprentice customer services adviser told The Observer: ‘I’m a low-key person, I didn’t anticipate this publicity and I don’t want it – I’m getting death threats on social media and I am worried about me and my family being targeted.’

Mr Mahmud was in town to meet with an occupational health therapist when he was invited by anti-fascist protesters to join them in confronting Robinson and his group in the town centre.

He said the activists encouraged his presence, hugging him and telling him he was brave to stand with them.

And when 36-year-old Robinson arrived from his van Mr Mahmud said he was immediately accosted.

He told The Observer: ‘The first time he approached me, he asked me if I thought he was racist and I said: “Yeah.” Then he says: “Do you know 80% of grooming gangs are Muslim?” I go to him, “That’s a false statistic, what about white paedophiles? Why are they not called Christian grooming gangs?” – then he goes off on one.’

Mr Mahmud conceded he called the right-wing figure ‘scum,’ but said he was rounded upon by the Robinson faithful who were ‘very aggressive.’

He spoke to a police officer after he claims he was shoved and was told to head to his appointment and that, if followed, not to hesitate in ringing 999.

But after the young man’s meeting, despite his hopes the crowds would have dispersed, Mr Mahmud told the paper he was stopped again.

He told The Observer: ‘They came running after me. At that point I was scared for my life. He said I’d assaulted a woman, which wasn’t true. He said that I was aggressive and I couldn’t do shit so I just threw the milkshake in his face.’

In footage taken at the scene, Robinson can be seen engaged in a discussion with Mr Mahmud and appears to be referencing an earlier altercation in the town centre.

He can be heard telling the man that he was ‘overly aggressive’ and that ‘the only person you pushed was a woman.’

After the drink is thrown over him Robinson rains down a barrage of punches on Mr Mahmud’s head before he is pulled away.

Cheshire Police said: ‘We are aware of an allegation of assault made following an incident in Bridge Street in Warrington this afternoon. We are looking into the circumstances.’

Mr Mahmud told The Observer despite bruises and cuts on his back and a minor head injury, he would be willing to ‘shake on it,’ with Robinson and ‘bury the hatchet.’

The incident was the latest to dog the Robinson campaign trail – just that day in Warrington another fight appeared to break out.

The footage, posted on social media, shows terrified locals running away as the violence erupts. 

The scrap appeared to take place just off Bridge Street, where the milkshake hurling occurred. The area is enclosed and connects several other streets in the town centre.

The day before Robinson had been covered in a strawberry milkshake while out canvassing for votes in Bury.

And on Friday, a supporter of his was seen confiscating a milkshake while Robinson walked the streets of Middleton, Greater Manchester.

Robinson pledged a ‘David versus Goliath’ battle to represent the ‘betrayed’ working classes as he announced his plans to run as an independent MEP earlier this month.

He will remain an adviser to Ukip leader Gerard Batten but was unable to run for the party due to its rule banning former EDL members from joining.