Atual Mustafa, 36, of Derby charged with murder, pleaded not guilty to the killing of his wife Sobhia Tabasim Khan in May 2017.

He appeared at Derby Crown Court on for his trial where he denied the charges of murder.

He came in court wearing blue jeans and jumper and nodded his head as he entered his plea in-front of Sobhia Tabasim Khan’s family who were present at court.

After Mustafa’s not guilty plea, a panel of jurors were sworn in for the start of the trial that could take three weeks to decide a verdict.

Atual Mustafa is alleged to have killed his wife Sobhia Tabasim Khan last year May at their home in Normanton, she was originally from the city of Bradford and had moved to Derby to her husbands home.

In May 2017, Miss Khan, 37, was found dead at her new home on Pear Tree Crescent, Normanton.

Giving details of the death to Assistant Coroner Rachel Syed, DC Wayne Neal said: ”The circumstances are that at 9.50pm on Saturday, May 27, a call came to the police from a member of the public to report an incident at an address at Pear Tree Crescent.

”Police attended that location at 1.30am where they discovered an adult female at the address. Paramedics attended the address and death was recorded by paramedics at 2.08am.”

Ms Sobia Tabasim Khan had two sisters and two brothers.

Her family members had expressed the loss of their daughter, saying they were “devastated” when they found out their daughter was no more.

Javed Khan, brother of Sobhia Tabasim Khan told that the family were in a state of shock  when they heard that their daughter is dead.

Residents told Sobia Tabasim Khan had just been married a couple of months ago and had moved into her husbands property a few weeks ago.

One resident said: ”Everything was very private. A bit too much I think. The blinds were never open. They were always closed. The doors were always closed.

”They were never seen in the garden, even on the hottest of days. I just thought, how does this person live?”

She said she believed Sobia Tabasim Khan to be of Pakistani decent and she was in her 30s and her husband had two children from a previous marriage.

She further added: ”We didn’t have any idea that he was getting married, really. There was no celebration for the marriage, no sweets for neighbours or even furniture coming in.”

Victim Sobhia Tabasim Khan’s funreal took place at the Jamia Masjid Hanfia mosque on Carlisle Road.

Tributes were payed by many people on social media, including from the school where she worked at.

Najma Asghar said: “She was such an amazing teacher, all the children were very fond of her. She nurtured them like a mother does, so gentle and sweet. She was a truly inspirational person who influenced and taught the children really well.”

Neighbours at the Derby address described Ms Khan as a “beautiful” and the “perfect neighbour”.

Brother, Javed Khan said: “We would like to thank everyone for their kind tributes and messages, we’ve been really touched by them all.”

Atual Mustafa was remanded back into custody until his next trial date facing the charges of murder.