Superstition and bogus black magic is widespread in India and the subcontinent. Cow is sacred to the Hindus and so is its piss and dung.

Some take it to next level where they believe cow dung can even cure snake poison.

Davendri, 35, of Bulanshahr, UttarPradesh, was bitten by a snake when she was collecting wood in the fields for household chores.

She ran home and told her husband about the incident.

Now a sane husband would take his wife to hospital but Davendri’s husband called a snake charmer to get the poison out of her body. When the snake charmer arrived he asked the husband to wrap his wife in cow dung. The husband asked his wife to lay down and made a mountain of dung on top of her body.

While the husband was covering his wife with cow shit the snake charmer was chanting mantras.

The cow dung and the mantras didn’t help the poor woman and she died as the poison had spread in her body.

The woman left behind two children aged 4 and 6.

Only if the poor woman was taken to hospital on time she would have survived.

Police were called by neighbours who filed an FIR against the husband and the snake charmer.

A police constable said we have launched an investigation and have arrested the Husband and the snake charmer. They have been chargerd under Indian penal code 302 and 301 and could get life imprisonment if proved guilty.

The head of the village Ashok Dharmendra said: we need to stop believing in these fake snake charmers and put our trust in doctors and hospitals.