This girl complains because she wants to sit in the front seat.

Girl: I wanna sit in the front

Boy: you still complaining though, you still complaining, my mom is sitting in the front that’s why you in the back, what’s the problem though?

Girl: I should be in the front

Boy: She is my mother

Girl: Alright and I should be in the front this is not just your car this is my car too

Boy : ok you in it

Mother: why does it matter whose car it is… I don’t understand why you have such a fu*king problem with me being in the front?

Girl: because I should be there

Mother: why?

Girl: because I am his

Mother: big deal…I am his fu*king mother if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be here

Boy: exactly I would not even be here

Girl: that is some bull’s shit

Mother: let it be bullshit… if it wasn’t for me he would not be here and you would not be here.

Girl: so why don’t you sit here.

Mother: because I am not

Boy: because she is NOT.

Girl: I should be in the front.

Boy: ok you should be in the front but you are not… what happened.. what happened ??

Mother: go to the store and get her some tissue

Boy: you want some tissue.. for what

Mother: so she could wipe her fu*king tears

Boy: so she could wipe her stupid cry baby a**

Mother: exactly yeah.

Here we bring some of the best comments received from the public:

Jen Doe: Well it depends on how the mother treats her, if the mother is messy as fuck, disrespect the girl friend or wife, and ain’t shit, well her ass can and will ride in the back seat.

Keisha Brown: Why he didnt get in the back?

Diane Lentz: If the mom has trouble like sick of something I understand. But if not she should respect his gf and sit in the back.

Lindsey Morgan: Always let elders up front.. I would sit my pretty ass in the back for mil.

Darin Williams: I’d have to let her out of the vehicle and move on to the next, can’t tolerate some random female showing disrespect to my mother.

Ato Grice: Here is the problem she is just the girlfriend. Once she becomes the wife then mom takes a back seat to the wife. period! The is biblical. She is in the right place CAUSE SHE IS NOT THE WIFE.

Robert Santiago: You should always honor and respect your parents, but once you get your girl that most likely will be the mother to your children. You need to put that woman first. Everyone else can be close seconds but that woman should always come first. Then your children then your parents. Same for women, husband, children then parents.

Terina Pravda: Yeah you take the backseat and let his mum in the front then watch the night bit*h sit in your place and put the mother back in her place.

Robin Marie: With respect for my Son’s relationship, I would prefer to sit in the back. It doesn’t really matter to me anyway, as long as we get to where we are going! You have to choose your battles carefully, this is no big deal😊❤… If she is disrespectful to me all the time, I wouldn’t ride with them at all.!