Every dad gets emotional when bidding farewell to their daughters but this goodbye was from a Hindu father to his Muslim Daughter and was a day of mixed feeling for Madanan.

Madanan a Hindu man, who only had 2 sons, always wanted a daughter so when a friend suggested adopting Khadija who was 13 at that time, Madanan didn’t think twice and adopted her even though she was Muslim.

Madanan and his wife Thankamany raised Khadija like their own and fulfilled her every wish.

Madanan made sure that Khadija grew up as a Muslim by making her a special area in the house where she could pray and read the Quraan.

Thankamany would make Khadija’s favorite dishes , during Ramadhan Thankamany would wake up about 2 hours before sunrise to cook Khadija her suhoor so Khadija could keep her fast.

Then came the time to get Khadija married and Madanan took responsibility and found a suitable match for Khadija and bore all expenses of the marriage.

Madanan asked the Local Masjid’s Imam to conduct the marriage. Madanan was present at the Nikah ceremony.

Nikkah Ceremony

Madanan who lived most of his life in the gulf has now settled in his home town and is a full time farmer.

Madanan and Thankamany will soon be visiting Khadija’s new house as part of local tradition. The visit is formal and is carried out to inquire about their daughter’s well being.

Madanan and Thankamany have resolved to continue taking care of Khadeeja always. “Her marriage doesn’t change anything. She will always be our dear daughter,” the couple said.