Nisha Nadeem, 20, ex Tesco-employee and her boyfriend Tariq Aziz, 20 were part of the gang who were jailed for more than 28 Years.

The gang admitted for their part in robbing the cash in transit G4S vans.

Nisha Nadeem, 20, and her boyfriend Tariq Aziz, 20, where sentenced at Bradford Crown court.

Humza Ali, 19, and Mohammed Shah, 19, and a 17 year old who cannot be named were also sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court.

Nadeem and the 17 year old pleaded not guilty at first but after the start of trial they changed their plea to guilty.

Aziz, Ali and the 17 year old were arrested by police when they came to question the occupant of a Saab car which was reported as suspicious by a unknown person.

Police found a hammer, knife, Balaclava, tights, and gloves on them.

A cash in transit van was robbed by two men a couple of months before their arrest who escaped in a Ford Focus which was later found burnt.

It is believed that they later switched to a Ford Mondeo which they abandoned after they crashed into another vehicle at a junction.

Police recovered a lump hammer and a taser and part of the cash was found at Shah’s home in Stonegate Road, Bradford.

Aziz and Ali were charged and subsequently pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to rob.

A CID report revealed that Nadeem was working as a assistant at Tesco Express and would pass on information to Aziz of when a cash in transit van would be coming to collect the cash from stores in Leeds and Bradford.

Nadeem was charged with conspiracy to rob.

Forensic team found evidence linking the 17 year old to the Ford Mondeo and was also charged with conspiracy to rob.

Tariq Aziz was sentenced for 7 years and 9 months.

Humza Ali was sentenced for 7 years and 8 months.

Nisha Nadeem was sentenced for 2 years

Mohammand Shah was sentenced for 6 years.

The 17 year old was sentenced for 5 years and 4 months in a young Offenders’ Institution.

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Howard, of Bradford District Police, said: “This gang planned to carry out a series of robberies on cash-in-transit vans in Bradford and Leeds by using Nadeem’s knowledge of when and where the cash collections would take place.

“The weapons seized in this investigation prove they were prepared to use whatever means necessary to get what they wanted. I would like to thank those who supported our team of detectives with investigating these offences which undoubtedly prevented further incidents and brought these criminals to justice.

“These types of offences are thankfully uncommon and police in Bradford continue to work with organisations who deliver and collect cash across the district to make sure their employees can go about their business in safety.”