Four people have been jailed after they rammed a police car and threw a gun outside the car while in pursuit in Bradford.

Ikhlaq Hussain, 29, and Ali Adnan Khan, 29, were occupants of the car which failed to stop for the officers and then damaged the police cars by ramming into them while in pursuit. They were both arrested on 16th December.

They led the police on a chase so they could get rid of the loaded handgun. The gun was loaded with 7 rounds of ammunition, 46, 9mm bullets. They were also thrown out of the car.

Hussain and Khan were both charged with illegal possession of firearms.

Hussain was also charged with reckless driving.

National Crime Agency’s Armed operation unit’s investigation proved that the duo met with two other persons just before the police chase and it was at this time that the exchange of gun and the ammunition took place.

All four pleaded guilty to illegal possession of ammunition and a firearm.

Kyle Stewart and Umar Mahmood  were charged with conspiracy to supply prohibited firearms and  supply of ammunition without certificate.

Hussain pleaded guilty from the start but the other three pleaded guilty after the start of the hearing.

All four were sentenced yesterday at Leeds Crown Court.

Hussain was Banned from Driving for 5 years and was sentenced to prison for 6 years

Khan was sentenced to prison for 5 years and ten months.

Stewart, 24, and Mahmood, 31, who are already in prison for other crimes wil now have to serve 6 more years after their existing jail terms.

Tim Gregory, from the NCA’s Armed Operations Unit, said: “Firearms pose a serious threat to the safety of the public. As has been shown here today, the NCA and partners will not stop in our efforts to remove these dangerous weapons from the streets of the UK.

“We are actively sharing information with partners, taking action against those who seek to supply illegal firearms and removing them from criminal circulation.”