Faryal Makhdoom has changed her phone ringtone to Amir Khan’s screams from the jungle.

The boxing champ received letter from family after successfully completing challenges on the I’m A Celebrity show.

Amir and Faryal had a bad year after their very public break up on social media but they are back together now.

Amir got a little boost from the letter knowing his wife and daughter Lamaisah were proud of him.

Vanessa White read out the emotional letter, where Faryal explained how she was five months pregnant today and getting a little rounder.

She added that the sound of Amir’s screams and squirms were her new phone ring.

The letter said: “Hey babe, first of all I want to say how proud we all are of you. The family and I get together every day to watch you.

“Lamaisah loves cheering you on when she sees you on telly and every time anyone asks her where daddy is she responds ‘daddy’s in jungle’. Shes your biggest fan.

“I am so proud of you and how you are facing your fears in these trials. I have to say your screams are the funniest. I have made it by ringtone for every time you call me.

“We love you from the bottom of our hearts, from Faryal and Lamaisah.”

While socialising with co-star Jennie Mcalphine from corrie, Amir incorrectly guessed his daughter’s date of birth as June 23

Lamaisah is currently with mum Faryal and was actually born on 24 may 2014.

Amir was slammed by viewers as “waste of oxygen” for not knowing his daughter’s birthday, some called him ‘stupid or self-obsessed’.

Amir asked Jennie if she missed her son while he opened up about his daughter.

He said: “My little girl is so far away, I don’t know if she’s in the UK or US, my wife is from New York.”

“Were they in the UK when you left?” asked Jennie, who seemed more interested in his personal life.

Amir said: “They were in the UK but she was saying to me she might go see her Mum and Dad and I said she should and take the little one also.”

He then got into a bit of a muddle after being asked by Jennie how old his daughter was.

“She’s 3” replied Amir. “She’s 3, turning 4 in a couple of months, oh no, er, the summer, June 23 I think. I don’t remember my own birthday, I forget.”

Furious I’m A Celebrity viewers took to Twitter after Amir forgot his daughter’s birthday.

One viewer said: “Is Amir stupid or self obsessed? Doesn’t know when his daughter was born? Not even which month it was?”

Another added: “I knew Amir was a di*khead. But not even knowing his own daughter’s birthday topped it for me. Absolute waste of oxygen.”

A third said: “Amir doesn’t know where his daughter is or her birthday- he is vile”

Amir was also slammed by viewers when he asked a co-star on the show “has there ever been a woman Prime Minister”