Jamil Clarke, 23, who deals in Black Mamba, when he was stopped by police officers he said to them “I am going to be honest with you, I have drugs down my trousers.”

He then pulled out 28 wraps of the class B drug from his trouser and handed them over to the police.

He was spotted by police in an unmarked vehicle giving something to another man, Derby Crown Court was told.

Tony Stanford, prosecuting, said: “The offence took place shortly before 10am on February 21 when plain-clothed officers in an unmarked car spotted two men acting suspiciously.

“They stopped and searched both men found the defendant to be in possession of synthetic cannabinoid, also known as Black Mamba.

“In fairness to the defendant, when he was arrested for that he told the officers: ‘I am going to be honest with you, I have got a bit of Mamba in my trousers.’

“He then produced 28 wraps of the drug that were in plastic and sealed.

“His response to that was to go on to tell the police: ‘It doesn’t make a difference, I don’t care, I am going back to prison anyway now.’”

When Jamil was initially questioned, he answered “no comment” to all questions.

Later he pleaded guilty to possession of class B drug with the intent to supply.

He was given a suspended sentence just six weeks ago for criminal damage, theft and assault.

Jailing Jamil for a year, Judge Jonathan Burgess said: “This is a drug that is causing significant difficulties in the community and I accept that the amounts you had in your possession can be classed as street dealing.

“But you have also breached suspended sentences and I am going to activate the last one in full.”

Stuart Newsum, mitigating for Jamil, said: “He knows he has been given two chances in the past year and third chances don’t exist in this court.

“Without doing him a disservice, he knows this crosses the custodial threshold.

“He was selling the drug solely as a way of financing his own use and addiction to it and he needs help for that.

“His time in custody since his arrest has seen him drug free.”