A drug addict stole 90 pence of a man he threatened with a 20cm cut throat razor has been sentenced to four years imprisonment.

On 7th of January  Umar Hussain, aged 26-years-old had warned his victim that he will stab him when he is his way to work.

The court heard, just a week earlier, Hussain stole £15 of a 78-year-old elderly person who was a pensioner suffering with dementia.

The 78-year-old pensioner refused to give him money but Hussain forcefully took £15 out of his wallet.

Hussain later told the police that he used the £15 he stole of the elderly pensioner to buy drugs.

Bradford Crown Court, Judge, Jonathan Durham Hall described Umar Hussain as a “despicable”  thief.

CPS Jessica Randell told the court that Umar Hussain lived in a Bradford hostel and he occasionally went into rooms of vulnerable elderly pensioners asking them for money.

On 7 January, Hussain targeted his 21-year-old victim, shouting at him and flashing a Hull prison ID card at his face.

He demanded cash of his victim saying: “I’m not going to mess around.

“I’ve just got out of prison, I’m on the run.”

Hussain then pulled out a 20cm cut throat blade and told his victim to empty his pockets.

The victim then said, he only had 90 pence on him, to which Hussain replied: “You better not have any more money on you or I’m going to stab you with this.

“If I see you again I’m going to get you.”

He stole the 90 pence of his victim and went on his way.

Hussain of Bradford was taken into police custody on 12th of January and he was identified by the victim in a identity parade.

He later owned up to the charges of theft and robbery. The police then charged him for the offences and told him to appear at Bradford Crown Court.

Hussain was very well known to the police. He is known to have 13 previous convictions on his record.

CPS Miss Randell told the court, Hussain’s last jailed term was after he tried to steal money from a shop by threatening the staff with a knife.

Hussains defence, Jessica Strange told the court he was motivated to get rid of his drug addictions to ensure that he will not end up in court again.

She further said: The motivation behind the robberies was a desperate attempt to get some cash for food after he was released from prison.

She then added that Hussain a father of two was a sufferer of schizophrenia and was off his medication at the time of the robberies and has no recollection of the offences that are against him.

Judge Durham Hall said: Umar Hussain’s offences are “unpleasant, nasty, bullying, and indeed cowardly, offences”.

He further said: “You produced a formidable cut-throat razor and you threatened to stab him.

“You are somebody who has to address both your attitude and addiction.

“There is no mitigation here aside from your pleas.”

Umar Hussain, 26, was sentenced to four years behind bars for the charges of theft and robbery.