Jaswant Rathore, 60, was convicted of 10 sex offences after a 7 week trial and has been jailed for 12 years.

The court was told that Jaswant Rathore would carry out unnecessary massage treatment sessions to satisfy his sexual hunger.

Jaswant Rathore a general practitioner denied touching 8 women inappropriately.

He was arrested after 3 females complained against him, 5 more females complained later when they saw the reports in news.

He was cleared of 8 counts relating to 4 female patients.

The prosecutor at west midlands welcomed the twelve year sentence.

He said: “Dr Jaswant Rathore abused his position of trust to carry out a series of sexual assaults against a number of his female patients.

“He preyed on women who contacted him for medical assistance, but rather than offer them help, he assaulted them for his own sexual gratification.

“The defendant did not have the relevant skills, techniques and training to perform the therapy which he was offering, nor did he provide the necessary safeguards to the victims when he conducted the manipulations.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the victims for their courage in helping the prosecution team to bring this sexual predator to justice.”

Opening the case against Rathore at the start of the trial, prosecutor Heidi Kubik had told the jury: “You will see his actions went far beyond that of legitimate medical treatment.

“It was an excuse to touch these complainants in a way that was sexually motivated on his part.”

Ms Kubik said the doctor only had interest in massage sessions.

She added: “We say this was an interest fuelled by his own illicit sexual desires.”

The jury heard that Jaswant did not have the training to conduct massage sessions.

Jaswant was convicted of 2 counts of sexual assault by penetration and 8 counts sexual assault.

Jaswants family moved to the UK when he was 3 year old. Jaswant studied medicine from University of Manchester and qualified to be a GP in 1985.