Daud Khan was the mastermind behind the deliberate “Crash for cash” road accidents.

Daud Khan with the help of his brother and two other partners would buy policies using fake names and then submit a personal injury claim under the fake names.

Khan would slam on his brakes and make the car behind them ram into his car.

The “Crash for Cash” gang was caught when insurance companies became suspicious of the type of injury claims submitted.

Daud Khan, 20, was sentenced to jail for 2 years and banned for 18 month from driving.

Shamus Fazil, 20, was sentenced to jail for a year.

Sardar, 25, and Niaz Hassan, 23, both were given a 6 month suspended sentence.

All four pleaded guilty to conspiracy to fraud.

Daud Khan got an insurance policy with Fazil as the driver and a few days later staged a collision in 2015.

Daud used his partners in crime driving license and national insurance No to put through fake personal injury claims.

To bring the insurance quotation down he would use false Date of birth and use a low premium postcode.

Insurance fraud officers were given orders to search the men’s houses.

Daud Khan’s mobile phone contained many images of car’s used in collisions by them.

Niaz accepted in an interview that he had knowledge of Khan faking crashes for personal injury claims.

Daud would tell the group to go for any medical check-up required and how to fake that their neck and shoulder hurts.

When the men failed to show up at the medical appointment the insurance company became suspicious.

Det Con Daryl Fryatt, who led the investigation said: “Daud Khan was instrumental in arranging and participating in these cases of crash for cash.

“He orchestrated them from start to finish, and using his brother, Fazil, and Niaz as accomplices, he attempted to deceive the insurance companies and the unsuspecting drivers involved.

“This should act as a warning to any other people thinking of setting up a fake crash to make motor and personal injury claims.

“It is a serious crime that can endanger the lives of innocent drivers, push up insurance premiums for all motorists and one which could see you go to jail.”