Hamman Forjani, 21, of Followfield, Manchester told a pregnant woman during attacking her that he wanted to kill her unborn child – He kicked her so hard in the face, it left his shoe print on her face.

It has been discovered that Fojani is the cousin of the Manchester arena bomber.

Manchester Crown Court sentenced him to serve 21 months behind bars for the attack on the woman, who was around 28 weeks pregnant.

The court heard how Forjani punched the victim repeatedly in the head and body during the cowardly attack.

The victim gave birth prematurely, and Manchester Crown Court were told there was a concern that the attack may have been the reason for this.

But the judge said there was no evidence of this and it would be a difficult task for any doctors to show otherwise.

CPS Michael Knowles told the court, before the attack on the victim, Forjani had been drinking alcohol.

He became angry and broke her mobile phone and threw water over her, he then got her to the ground and dragged her around.

After the victim got up, she told Forjani ”he could have killed her unborn baby” to which he replied: ”that’s what he wanted to do”

The court heard, Forjani was previously known to the police for theft, robbery and burglary.

The defence Rachel White told the court, Forjani is a very pleasant intelligent man when he is not using drugs or drinking alcohol.

She further said, he is finding prison difficult and has been ”bullied because of a family association”.

The judge, Recorder Andrew McLoughlin, said: “Having punched her to her face and having made perhaps a comment in the heat of the moment about the baby and an apparent desire for the baby to die, matters then concluded.

“Fortunately for you and the victim in this case the child was born healthily.