High on cocaine thugs beat up a ‘love rival, and then forced him to kiss another man’s bare bottom while filming him.

Preston Crown Court was told that Conrad Broughton broke into the victim Andrew Tait’s house which he was then sharing with his girlfriend Samantha Mustard and threatened to hit him with a hammer.

David Clarke prosecuting said: Mr Tait and MS Mustard were asleep in the living room of their house in Blackburn when Broughton broke in.

Mr Tait knew Broughton from primary school, Broughton took out a hammer and said to Mr Tait “You have 10 seconds to get out of the house.”

Broughton then threatened to hit him on the head if he did not leave.

Mr Clarke said Broughton followed the threat up by asking: “What are you doing in bed with my bird?”

Broughton was drunk and very angry and was waving the hammer as he was quarrelling with Mr Tait.

Mr Tait got himself dressed and then confronted Broughton after which Broughton left.

Instead of calling 999 Mr Tait tried to resolve the issue by informing Broughton’s family of what he had just done, but that made Broughton even angrier.

At around 11pm Mr Tait and Ms Mustard were woken up when someone  kicked open their front door.

When Tait went to see what was happening, Broughton and Dean Qayum stood in front of him.

Broughton asked Tait why he had texted his sister claiming they were threatened by him with a hammer.

Broughton then head butted Tait and tried to punch him but missed him and hit Ms Mustard.

The couple were then pushed into the living room and were ordered to sit on the mattress.

Broughton then ordered Mr Tait to roll him a cig which Tait did but was still punched in the nose.

Qayum, 18, of Oakenhurst Road, Blackburn, asked the couple if they had any money when the couple said they had none, Qayum punched Mr Tait in the face.

Qayum and Broughton both started punching and kicking Mr tait in the face while Mr Tait tried to block them.

Broughton then said to Tait that he would have to kiss Qayum’s bare bottom and when Tait refused they kicked him in the chest and laughed at him.

Broughton then took his phone out started filming Mr Tait performing the degrading act.

Qayum then said to Tait to kiss Broughton’s bare Bottom, which he did.

Broughton then punched Tait in the mouth, chipping his tooth.

Broughton then pulled a kitchen knife and threatened to stab Mr Tait.

Qayum asked Broughton to calm down.

When Mr Tait attempted to run out of the house, he was told: “You’re not going to escape. You are going to die here.”

The defendants then stamped on his face.

Broughton then shifted his focus to Ms Mustard and said to her: “I am going to rape you and your daughter.”

Broughton then asked Ms Mustard to perform a sex act on Tait while him recording it so he could post it on social media but Ms Mustard refused.

Mr Tait then made a second attempt to run from the house and managed to call police.

In his victim personal statement Mr Tait said he had suicidal thoughts as a result of what happened.

Ms Mustard said she struggled to sleep in the aftermath of the attack and said the incident had been a major contributory factor in the break-up of her relationship with Mr Tait.

Judge Philp Parry said: “It is disgraceful, violent, terrifying behaviour and you should hang your heads in shame.”

“Your victims must have been absolutely petrified of what you were doing to them in their own home. No doubt fearful that their lives were genuinely in danger.”

Broughton pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assault by beating, false imprisonment, common assault and theft.

Qayum pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Broughton was sent to a young offender’s institution for four years and two months. Qayum was sentenced to four years.