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Woman jailed for blackmailing teenager after conning her into taking naked photos

A 'callous' woman who posed as a young man to get a teenager to send her naked images of herself has been jailed.
sohail ashraf

Driver plowed into pedestrians because he thought they were Muslims

An Iraq War veteran who plowed into a crosswalk intentionally targeted the victims based on their race and his belief they might be Muslim, Californian authorities say.
sohail ashraf

Muslim mother floored by thug in ‘street attack’ caught on CCTV

A Muslim woman was attacked by a group of pole-wielding men in what police are treating as a hate crime. The woman,...
sohail ashraf

Benefit cheat allowed to start her curfew later for the month of Ramadan

A benefit cheat has been allowed to change her curfew hours so that she can pray during Ramadan. Sami Farooq appeared in court...
sohail ashraf

Husband, 36, is charged with the murder of mother-of-three

A husband has been charged with murdering his wife after she was found stabbed to death in their home over the Bank Holiday weekend.
sohail ashraf

Gang used bitcoin and dark web to import crystal meth and flood the streets...

A drugs gang who used the dark web to import crystal meth and flood the street of West Yorkshire have been jailed for more than 30...
sohail ashraf

Ayesha Ahmed jailed after she tried to dodge a speeding fine

A politics graduate has been jailed for three months after she attempted to avoid a speeding fine by paying £450 for someone else to take the three...

‘Family man’ who walked around park with £600 offering schoolgirls money for sex is...

A former quantity surveyor who offered a group of schoolgirls cash for sex whilst stalking them around a park with £600 in cash in his pocket has...
sohail ashraf

Mum Saima Abid stabbed to death had sister who drowned in a lake

A mother-of-three stabbed to death in her home last night was killed eight years after her sister drowned in a lake amid fears she'd be 'sent back...
sohail ashraf

Man joined plot to smuggle £1.4m of cannabis after his dessert business flopped

A 'desperate' businessman, who got involved in a plot to try and smuggle £1.4m of cannabis into the UK, turned to a life of crime after...

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