sohail ashraf manchester

Muslim Mum Furious Vegetarian Aldi Lasagne Sauce ‘Tastes Like Bacon

A Muslim mum has claimed her Aldi lasagne "tasted like bacon" - and is now calling for the product to be tested in a lab.
sohail ashraf manchester

Student jailed for driving away from court minutes after being banned from the roads

A university student who walked straight out court with a driving ban only to get into his car and drive off minutes later has been jailed for...
sohail ashraf Manchester

‘I’m getting death threats,’ says man who threw milkshake on Tommy

A campaigner who threw a milkshake over Tommy Robinson after he says he was taunted by the EDL founder's entourage claims he is getting death threats.
sohail ashraf manchester

Jailed: Burglary gang who struck in dead of night to steal luxury cars

THREE young burglars who targeted a Bradford house at dead of night to steal the keys to three valuable cars have been jailed for a total of...
sohail ashraf manchester

Shocking moment Tommy Robinson repeatedly PUNCHES man who tipped milkshake on his head

This is the shocking moment Tommy Robinson repeatedly punches a man who hurled milkshake over him - the second time he has been doused with the drink...
sohail ashraf manchester

Tommy Robinson tried to recruit women in the street but she destroys him

Tommy Robinson was accused of 'spouting sh**e' on the campaign trail yesterday by a mother pushing a pram he accosted in the street.
sohail ashraf manchester

British Pakistanis marry cousins to strengthen family ties, Keep wealth intact – Should I...

It may be controversial but it is legal to marry your cousin in the UK. And for British Pakistanis the practice is common...
sohail ashraf manchester

Mubashra Uddin, 19, Hid her Pregnancy and ‘killed newborn Girl’ Charged First-Degree Murder

A woman who dropped her newborn baby to her death from a high-rise apartment after hiding her pregnancy from her parents in 2015 has been sentenced to...
sohail ashraf manchester

Jihadi bride let back into Britain faces no terror charges

A British jihadi bride allowed to return to the UK after joining Islamic State (IS) has escaped prosecution – despite being told by a judge she is...
sohail ashraf manchester

Motivated by greed – the gang who travelled 150 miles to carry out a...

A robbery gang who travelled 150 miles from Manchester to carry out a 'ruthless' £300,000 jewellery heist have been jailed. The five thieves,...

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