A fraud gang who worked in phone shops stole customer details using the print screen button on the computer, saving all their details to use illegally.

They stole upto £100,000 which they spent on Cigarettes, expensive hotels and alcohol.

Iqra Hussain, 25, and Arslan Saghir, 25, who worked at Vodafone, used the print screen button on their computers to capture images of customer details then passed it onto their accomplices.

Iqrah Hussain (L) Arslan Saghir (R)

Kamran Hussain, 31, Faheem Ali Khan, 23, and his older brother Zain Khan, 25, would then use the stolen details of the customers and empty their bank accounts out within a matter of days.

They used the details to transfer money out from their accounts and taking out online loans with high interest.

They also bought expensive mobile contracts with the stolen details from Carphone Warehouse through an inside man Hassan Hussain, 27.

Hassan Hussain, Faheem Ali Khan and Arslan Saghir all pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.

Kamran Hussain (L) Hassan Hussain (R)

Saghir was locked up for 30 months and Hussain was locked up for 50 months.

Iqra Hussain, Kamran Hussain and Zain Ali Khan all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.

The fraud gang were all sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court on 16 February last week except Faheem Ali khan as his hearing has been adjourned.

Iqra Hussain was locked up for six months.

Kamran Hussain was locked up for 25 months.

Zain Ali Khan was locked up for three years.

Detective Inspector Matt Durkin said: ”This gang were fast and thorough – they’d empty their victims’ bank accounts within a couple of days, then take out further credit in the name of their victims and attempt to extract that as well.

”I want to pay tribute to the meticulous work of investigating officer Steve Pott and financial investigator Graham Parker who investigated this case. Every victim had to be identified and interviewed, and every line of fraud had to be cross checked with the victims and the businesses that were targeted.

”Time and again the delivery addresses, telephone numbers and internet IP addresses came back to Zain, Faheem and Kamran.’

CPS Helen Ellwood said: ”There was a large volume of compelling IT evidence in this case, which helped the Crown Prosecution Service to prove that all the defendants were complicit with the fraud and all had either obtained or used people’s identities as part of this deception.

”Some of the defendants worked in shops serving the public and taking private information from them, including their credit card and bank details.

”None of the victims expected such details to then be passed to others for fraudulent use and this was a gross breach of the trust that customers had placed in them.”

A spokesman for Surrey Police said: ”Five people have been jailed for over 10 years following a nationwide £100K fraud investigation by us.

”Investigators from Surrey Police Serious and Organised Crime Unit and Financial Investigation Unit identified over 70 victims and over 300 fraudulent transactions by the gang, which was active from 2012 through to 2014. A sixth man is awaiting sentencing.

”Guildford Crown Court heard how Arslan Saghir, and Iqra Hussain stole sensitive customer details while working at Vodafone stores across Surrey and Hampshire; and also Manchester (where Iqra was studying law at university).

”While processing customer details for an upgrade, the pair would press “Print Screen” before submitting a credit check. They passed a screengrab (containing the victim’s personal data) to Woking-based Kamran Hussain, and brothers Zain and Faheem Ali Khan.

”These three men used the data to commit identity fraud – draining their victims’ bank accounts, taking out credit and contracts in the victim’s name, and stealing their money.

”The men bought “background checks” on victims using card details stolen from other victims; and Faheem called telephone banking pretending to be the victims – transferring money from savings, and extending overdrafts. Having emptied the victim’s accounts, the men would take out a “payday loan” in their victims’ names and extract that money as well.

”Faheem also used the stolen details to take out expensive mobile phone contracts with a Carphone Warehouse telesales call centre, using the sixth defendant Hassan Hussain (who worked for Carphone warehouse) as an inside man. The phones were delivered to the fraudsters home addresses in Woking and presumably sold on.

”Much of the gang’s spending was on living a life of luxury – buying expensive clothes and jewellery; ordering fast food, alcohol and cigarettes to be delivered to their homes; and booking hotel rooms for nights away.’