A 16 year old boy who can not be named or shown for legal reasons was found guilty of murdering a 20 year old business studies student, Syed Jamanoor Islam.

The 16 year old has been on trial at Inner Crown Court. He was also charged with possession of a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit ABH.

There were three other men involved who were convicted at Inner Crown Court.

Ismail Muhammad Uddin, 18, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit ABH and possession of a deadly weapon.

Nayeem Chowdry, 18 was found guilty of conspiracy to commit ABH.

Samiur Rahman, 19 was found guilty for perverting the course of justice and of conspiracy to commit ABH.

All four men have been remanded in custody to appear for sentencing at Inner Crown Court on 22 December 2017.

Business Studies student Syed Jamanoor Islam

Syed Jamanoor Islam, 20 years old was rushed to East London hospital after he was stabbed but later was declared dead.

The cause of his death according to a post mortem report was a stab wound to his left leg which pierced his femoral artery and vein.

Inner Crown Court heard that the dispute started off when eggs were thrown by Chowdhury and Rahman for a joke. but had landed on the victims house door.

This was taken as disrespect and a fight broke out where Rahman was assaulted by Jamanoor’s brother.

Later the four suspects were travelling in a hired Ford Fiesta, caught on CCTV, on the look out for Jamanoor’s brother. The suspects were armed with a baseball bat and a knife.

Jamanoor’s brother was not at home but Jamanoor confronted the four men who were armed. They fought and Jamanoor was hit by Uddin really hard with a baseball bat

During the fight the 16 year old boy stabbed Jamanoor and ran away towards Bow Comman Lane leaving Jamanoor injured.

Investigation was launched by the Met’s Homicide and Major Command.

The police found the jacket of Chowdhury at the crime scene with his car keys and driving licence.

Rahaman called the police one hour after the attack and reported his Ford Fiesta as stolen.

All four suspects were taken into custody when they were caught on a police chase on the M1 motorway. All of them had changed their appearance by shaving their heads.

Detective Chief Insepctor Tony Lynes, who led the investigation, said: “Jamanoor was brutally attacked by these defendants who went out that day looking to cause trouble and inflict serious harm on the victim’s brother, following a petty dispute which quickly turned sour.

“It was a single stab wound to the victim’s leg which caused significant injury and ultimately proved fatal, and I hope serves as a cautionary tale to any young people thinking about carrying and using a knife and not thinking about the possible consequences.”

 Syed Jamanoor’s father Syed Abdul Makit, 40

Jamanoor’s father said: “People should put down the knives and there should be stronger punishments for those carrying them.

“There should be more stop and searches for knives by police.

“To those carrying knives, they should face the full force of the law and receive no mercy. Because we have not had mercy.

“It’s pointless and senseless and has to stop.”

“My wife was here and saw the argument and tried to stop the boys and the fight.

“My son was alone by then and she went into the crowd to stop them.

“She saw someone stab him. She screamed out for help.

“I cannot speak to her about it. She lost her son in front of her eyes. She saw everything and she was [covered in] his blood.”

Mr Syed Abdul Makit was at work when the incident happened and was told what had happened.

He said: “My son had just started a new job as a part time doorman four weeks ago.

“He wanted to go back and study for his A-levels in Business Studies, History and Art.

“My son was very artistic and had great GCSE results. He was a clever guy and was educated.

“He never gave us any problems, wasn’t involved with crime or gangs.

“He was much into his studies and didn’t go out much. Syed was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”