A Britain first supporter drove his van at a curry house hours after telling police: ‘I’m going to kill a Muslim, I’m doing this for Britain’ walks free despite being jailed for 33 weeks.

Marek Zakrocki, 48, tried to kill Kamal Ahmed outside Spicy Nights restaurant in harrow North London on the anniversary of the Brexit vote.

Zakrocki, was charged with Attempted murder, reckless driving and beating his wife.

He pleaded guilty to reckless driving while drunk and beating his wife.

Judge Anthony Leonard QC said: “You committed these offences at a time of heightened tension because of the attack on a Muslim outside a Mosque in London.”

He added: “In your drunken state what you said and the way you behaved would have been both offensive and put persons in fear.”

Zakrocki was sentenced to jail for 33 weeks and banned from driving for three years.

Zakrocki will walk free as he has already been in remand for 33 weeks.

Denis Barry, prosecuting said: “Mr Zakrocki had plainly, during the course of that afternoon, had far too much to drink.

“During the course of that evening he assaulted his wife, drove off in his work vehicle, insulted a series of passers-by and then drove his vehicle at the owner of a curry house, breaking the window of the restaurant.

“It’s plain that his conduct is very likely to have been motivated by his views about our diverse society.”

On June 23, Zakrocki can be seen on CCTV footage making a nazi salute and shouting ‘white power’ as he just missed Kamal Ahmed and crashed into the restaurant.

Earlier that day he assaulted his wife Ewa Zakrocka at their home where he told a police officer “I’m going to kill a Muslim, I’m doing this for Britain”.

‘This is the way I will help the country, you people can’t do anything.’

A Nazi coin and Britain First magazines were found at his home.

The polish born window fitter admitted donating money to the anti-Muslin group, Britain First.

Zakrocki was confronted by Taj Ahmed when he blocked the road outside the restaurant with his van and started abusing a Somalian woman.

The last time Zakrocki  appeared before a court, Prosecutor Denis Barrie told the Old Bailey: ‘The defendant went into the van. He then started the engine and mounted the pavement, twice making contact with the front of the restaurant. It’s clear he wasn’t driving all that fast.

‘The prosecution case that is supported by everything else Mr Zakrocki had done during the course of the day is that he wasn’t only aiming at the restaurant, he was aiming at Mr Ahmed.’

Mr Barrie said: ‘Because of the time that all this took place, the police took what had happened particularly seriously and there was a hard stop by armed police officers.’

He told the court that Britain First, formed by members of the BNP, was anti-Muslim and held views that were regarded by most people as ‘very extreme indeed’.

Mr Barry said “The defendant appeared to have a history of depressive illness and alcohol problems.”

Charges of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm and having a knife in Northolt Road, Harrow, were ordered to lie on file.

In mitigation, Richard Furlong said his client is “not racist and not a Nazi”.

He added: “He’s plainly somebody who has a lengthy history of alcohol abuse and it’s something he is very much aware of.”

Zakrocki came to Britain in 2003, Mr Zakrocki have previous conviction of assault while drunk in 2011.

Mrs Zakrocki requested the court in writing to stop the press from reporting the case but her request was denied.

Outside court Detective Constable Georgina Acuna said she had hoped the sentence would be longer.

She said: “It was initially dealt with by Harrow Police as a hate crime and the judge here today has taken the motivation behind these offences into consideration and passed sentence.

“However, the offences he has been convicted of do not have separate legislation covering racially-aggravated offences.

“At the time of the arrest, Counter Terrorism Command had attended the scene. They assessed the situation and decided it was not to be dealt with as a terrorism incident.”

The Harrow-based officer urged the public to report hate crime in all its forms, saying it would not be tolerated.