Paul Anthony Golding is a British far right politician. He is the leader of Britain First party.

He is known to go into towns where there is a large majority of Muslims with his deputy leader Jayda Kaleigh Fransen and his Britain first supporters to intimidate and Muslims.

He has been arrested and jailed many times for his hate speech and racist comments against the Muslim Minority of UK.

He went into Crayford Masjid with his shoes on and threatened an elderly Imam who was the only man present in the Mosque.

He was also arrested and jailed for 8 weeks and was banned from entering any mosque in the UK.

He claims Britain First are gaining strength but when he stood as a candidate for the London mayoral election in 2016 he finished eighth place.

Paul Golding always claims to be a strong man in his videos when he turns up with a large gathering trying to intimidate other people.

But he was recently confronted by a Asian man who asks him ‘if he is Paul Golding’ and the leader of EDL. (Scroll down for the footage)

Paul tried to avoid him because he was scared and he quickly ran inside a Curry’s store to hide behind the security guard for protection.