The groom is said to be in “critical condition” after being shot in the testicle, thigh and hand by accident.

The groom was shot in the testicles the night before his wedding by a guest during celebration.

The groom who is said to be a 28 year old known as Osama-Al- Alsaied is being treated in a local hospital but is said to be in critical condition.

Egyptian police said: “He was taken to hospital in severe condition after he was hit by gunshots fired at a celebration held a day before his wedding”.

“As soon as we were notified of the incident, officers arrived at the scene and launched an investigation into the case.”

“Initial interrogations revealed that a 26-year-old man who was attending the party, fired celebratory gunshots and accidentally hit the groom.”

The accidental shooter fled the scene after knowing that he has shot the groom, he was arrested by police later on.

The incident happened in a village that goes by the name Zafar village, which is some 67 miles north of the capital of Egypt.

This is certainly not the first time celebratory gunfire left people injured in Egypt.

Many social media users called for the tradition of firing guns at public celebrations in Egypt to be banned after the groom was injured.

Others called for an end to the dangerous tradition, labeling it “reckless” and “regressive”.

“The wedding was ruined”

“U ruined the night”

Many were upset…

“If you did this while expressing your happiness, what would you have done if you were angry or upset?”

..and understandably outraged


“Enough of your regression. Learn from other people’s mistakes.”