Faizal Bahadur. 31, and his gang stole an Audi A3 and a mini cooper from a couple who was away on their honeymoon.

Faizal was sentenced to jail for 4 years at Bradford Crown court.

Lousie Pryke, prosecuting, said Faizal and his gang broke into the house and stole the car keys and drove away. The Audi was driven by Faizal who was banned from driving at the time.

While they were escaping Faizal crashed into a parked Audi and a Nissan Micra. A witness said they all got into a Mini cooper and fled the scene.

The Mini Cooper was never found and the Audi was written off after the crash.

Faizal’s DNA was found on the Audi’s airbag and was arrested after a month.

Faizal pleaded guilty to one count of Burglary and driving with no license and while being disqualified.

Mitigating for Faizal, Simon Hustler said his client was only banned from driving because of a previous driving offence. He added that Faizal was ashamed of his actions and is making efforts to change his life.

Mr Hustler said: “He is something of the black sheep of the family. He knows it is time to grow up.”

This was the fifth time Faizal was in court for burglary. He was jailed for 32 months for his last offence.

Recorder Tahir Khan QC said Faizal had Qualified for the minimum there strike sentence of three years.

He told Bahadur: “The public expect people who commit these offences to go to prison. The offending was planned and professionally executed. You are a persistent burglar, and a significant prison sentence is called for.”

After Faizal’s release he will be banned from driving for 18 months.