Kamran Iqbal’s one hand was handcuffed to PC Steve Avinou while he used his other hand to punch him because the officer tried to search him for Drugs.

Kamran Iqbal was sentenced to prison for 2 years for the disgraceful assault in June 2016.

Kamran Iqbal repeatedly punched the officer breaking his nose and teeth, a passer by intervened and stopped the assault.

PC Steve Avinou was alone on patrol when he spotted Kamran’s car and decided to pull him over for a normal routine traffic stop.

When the officer came to Kamran’s car he could smell cannabis and decided to do a drug search and found cannabis stuffed in Kamran’s underpants.

When Officer Steve tried to handcuff Kamran he resisted and pushed the officer to the floor.

The officer’s dominant hand was busy holding the cuff on Kamran’s hand, when Kamran attacked the officer and punched him 10 times in the head.

Crowd had gathered watching the incident when a passer by John Dawson intervened and pulled Kamran away from the officer.

In evidence, Mr Dawson said he was “appalled” at the level of aggression shown by Iqbal, saying: “I couldn’t believe anyone would do this.”

The officer was unable to press the emergency button but he did raise the alarm for other officers to come for back up.

He said: “Had it not been for the brave actions of a member of the public, I do not know how this would have ended”,

Kamran continued punching even though the officer was in a semi-conscious state.

PC Avinou said he “hated being a burden on his team” when he returned to work on restricted duties, and said his partner wanted him to change jobs as she now “panicked” at every report of officers being attacked.

Kamran said he struck out at the officer in self defence and pleaded guilty to possession of class B drug with intent to supply.

He claims he panicked because the officer was strangling him and he was struggling to breathe.

He also accused the officer of being racist and lying about him resisting arrest but his argument was dismissed by the Judge as “absolutely ridiculous.”

The Judge added PC Avinou had “followed procedure to the letter”, telling Iqbal: “I am satisfied that you were far from panicking, but were clear-headed and determined.”