A MAN of Bradford has been caught throwing 3KG of Class A drugs out of his bedroom window as police tried to gain entry into his home.

Mohammad Junaid, 30, was sentenced to serve six years behind bars at Bradford Crown Court for ‘possessing class A drugs with an intent to supply’.

On January 12 this year, officers executed a warrant to search his home address when Junaid tried to hide his drugs by throwing them out of his bedroom window.

CPS Andrew Dallas told the court that the police were trying to gain entry into Junaids home by breaking the front door down and a tub with all the drugs was seen “sailing out of a first-floor window.”

Mohammad Junaid was taken into custody and the police recovered the tub that was thrown out by Junaid and found 194 grams of cocaine and 2.662 kilograms heroin.

CPD Mr Dallas told the court, the heroin recovered by the police had a purity of 30 to 58 percent, it had a street value of £147,000.

He further said, the cocaine recovered was of high strength and had a purity of 97 percent and street value of £16,680.

Officers found £5000 cash in Junaids room along with gloves and scales which he used to cut the drugs and package them to sell to drug addicts.

CPS Mr Dallas then told the court, officers also found small packages of drugs in Junaids room with bulking agents such as paracetamol and caffeine, which he said: ”implied deception if they were to be sold as street deals.”

Mohammad Junaid was convicted of possessing class A drugs with an intent to supply after pleading guilty at an earlier court hearing at Keighley and Bradford Magistrates Court.

Junaids defence, Mr Simon Hustler said, Mohmmad Junaid was a former KFC employee who had “spiralled into depression” after his marriage ended. He then said, Junaid became a heavy user of cannabis while using up all his money on lawyers to fight to gain access to his kids

He further told the court, Junaid was in a lot of debt and he was taken advantage of other drug gangs to stash drugs at his home as he was “completely off the police radar.”.

Mohammad Junaid said: the £5000 was his fathers savings and he was only paid £100 for stashing the drugs at his home.

Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall said, a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing will be scheduled to recover any money from Junaid which he made from drugs.

He told Junaid: “You were in truth the ideal custodian for those who needed to store class A drugs. You were on nobody’s radar, save those from whom you bought your cannabis.

“You knew what you were doing. This was a voluntary agreement for both money and to assist others. You were quite aware of an operation of some scale. Naivety is not an explanation.”

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall jailed Mohammad Junaid for six year and told him that a Proceeds of Crimes hearing will be scheduled to recover any money he has made through his drugs enterprise.