Sajid Hussain Raza, 45, founder of Free schools in Bradford was jailed for 5 years in 2016 and now has been ordered by the court to pay £23,000 or face another year in jail.

He was jailed for fraudulently claiming thousands of pounds from the Department of Education.

Daud Khan, 45 and Sajid’s sister Shabana Hussain, 41, who were also staff at Kings Science Academy were jailed for 14 months and 6 months respectively.

A total of £69,000 was given in grants by the Department of Education to help in the smooth running of the free school but the trio put the money in their own account and were convicted in 2016.

Last week, Judge Christopher Batty at Leeds Crown Court ordered Sajid to pay a total of £22,929 as proceeds of crime or face another year in jail. Hussain was ordered to pay £12,800.

Sajid and Shabana who were teachers at the free school would pocket the grants given to them by government Leeds Crown Court was told during their trial.

Daud Khan did not take any grant but the whole fraud was not possible without his involvement.

Sajid and Khan also provided fake invoices of rent and other costs incurred.

Sajid was found guilty of 2 counts of acquiring money by deception, 4 counts of fraud and 3 counts of forged accounting.

Shabana was convicted of 1 count of deception and 1 count of fraud.

Daud was found guilty of 3 counts of forged accounting and 2 counts of fraud.

The then Prime Minister David Cameroon introduced the free school project in 2010.

After the three were jailed,the Department of Education’s spokesperson said all money had been recovered.

At the time, a spokesman said: “All academies operate under a strict system of oversight and accountability – more robust than in Council-run schools – ensuring any serious issues including financial mismanagement are identified quickly and dealt with efficiently.

“In this case, the Education Funding Agency acted as soon as allegations were made and, thanks to that swift action, all inappropriately used departmental funds were recovered.”

A DfE spokesperson yesterday said: “The DfE has recovered from the Academy all of the funds which it identified as having been inappropriately used. We would expect that any funds recovered here would go to the Academy chain.”