A Gang of four men from Bradford who were like a “pack of animals” has been jailed.

Mohammed Ihsan was with his cousin Anis Khan on Neal Street, Bradford when Shahzabe Iqbal, 19, Haroon Siddique, 19, Fehzan Khan, 19, and Fehzan Khan, 19, attacked them with Iron bar

The victims were known to the attackers as they went to the same school and college. Prosecutor Anthony Moore told Bradford Crown Court that “Idress approached Mr Ihsan to shake his hand, but instead punched him in the face.”

This is when the gang kicked off and attacked Anis Khan with an iron bar

He was left with multiple injuries to his face which had to be stitched at the hospital

Iqbal, of Kingswood Street, Siddique, of Southmere Drive, Khan, of Ryan Street, and Idress, of Grantham Terrace, all pleaded guilty

Mr Moore said of their basis of plea: “It is accepted that in the course of this joint-enterprise offence, a bar was produced and used.”

Nadim Bashir, mitigating for Idress, said his client’s family and Khan’s family didn’t get on well

“It is no justification for what he did. I accept he threw the first punch that started the trouble.”

Mr Bashir added that “Idress, who was studying an undergraduate degree in law, acknowledged he had thrown away his future in that profession, but described him as an “industrious” young man who had shown genuine remorse.”

Emma Downing, for Iqbal, said her client has accepted his mistake and is disappointed and ashamed of his vicious act in the animal like attack

She Added “he had been suspended from his college course upon being arrested and charged, but had since started working part-time and re-started his studies in Leeds.”

Mohammed Nawaz, for Khan, said his client accepted his “absolutely disgraceful behaviour,” which had also seen him expelled from college, but argued that he had acted out of character.”

Lorraine Harris, mitigating for Saddique, described the incident as a “horrific example of peer pressure and misplaced loyalties”. She said her client had lost his good reputation, but was now back in education and part-time work away from Bradford.”

None of the four attackers have any previous convictions and all deny the use of iron bar at the time off attack

Judge Jonathan Rose said “while the men had all come from good and supportive families, they had ‘chosen to abandon that path in favour of violence’.”

He said: “This was a scene of dreadful violence, a mob attack on defenceless people.”

“Decent members of the public do not walk about with iron bars, or with any weapons at all.”

“You had equipped yourself for violence. This was in no way spontaneous.”

“What happened was like a pack of animals. You attacked two wholly innocent men, unprovoked.”

“When it was over, his life was changed. The consequence is that this man is scarred for life because of what you did. None of you will carry the scar that he carries.”

Even though the probation services reported that the four men were highly unlikely to attack anyone in the future, Judge Rose said “there was no alternative to immediate custody, as his sentence had to indicate the fact that “the citizens of Bradford do not wish to witness violence on their streets”.

Idress, Iqbal, and Siddique were ordered to serve 14 months in a young offender’s institution, with Khan locked up for 12 months.