Aron Leafe 15 years old boy who suffered from Asperger hanged himself after being sexually abused by Anwar Ismail.

Before the death of Aron Leafe, he gave a police interview which led to the arrest of Anwar Ismail.

Aron said: ”He gave me money. He got me a flat. He let me drive his car. He bought me cigarettes and cannabis. I was scared of him. I just did what I was told. He left a note saying: I can’t get over what happened with me and Anwar. I hate him so much”.

The boys body was found by the staff at a privately run Ivy children’s cottage home in Derbyshire in 2010.

A note from Aron Leafe was found which he stated, he could not live after what had happened to him.

Staff said: He became disturbed after some time and got into fights with other youths at the children’s home.

Aron’s beyond the grave testimony helped bring down predator Anwar Ali.

Coronor James Newman, assistant said: ”there were opportunities for this to be prevented but missed due to lack of communication between social workers and care staff. Crucial team meetings were missed and staff relied on the young kids to them them if anything is wrong.

”Mr Newman said: ”aron died as the tragic result of a cry for help, as he had done in the past, but he was not discovered before the effects of his actions resulted in his death.’ Chesterfield Coroners Court heard from a string of professionals who were charged with caring for Aaron after he was taken into care just before his 12th birthday.

Anwar Ismail, 31 one at the time of the offence, pleaded guilty of 2 counts of sexual activity with a child and three counts of child abduction, rape and sexual activity with a child.

Leicester crown court sentenced Anwar Ismail of Spinney Hills to serve 18 years in prison.

Aaron’s mother said: “Justice has been done for Aaron but it’s bittersweet – because he’s not here to see it.”