Police on Wednesday arrested a woman in what it termed as the “blind murder case” of a 17-month-old boy.

According to the details, the murder case of Salman Faisal was solved after forensic evidence revealed the involvement of a close relative. The victim’s aunt was arrested on the family’s suspicions.

The woman, who is the wife of the victim’s maternal uncle, also confessed to the crime.

“When Salman was born, he was adored by everyone in the family. Months after his birth, my own child was born but no one loved him, so I strangulated Salman out of jealousy,” police quoted the suspect as saying.

This is not the first time that a relative has been arrested for killing a child as back in March 2018, a woman accused of killing her three children confessed to the same and demanded public execution for herself.

“I am a murderer, I want public execution as these three were innocent, martyrs,” the accused, Aneeqa, told the police after being arrested along with her paramour.

Aneeqa had claimed that her boyfriend wanted her to hand over the children to her former husband.