Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom have been in the news for a while now that be Faryal’s controversial Snapchat stories or Amir’s Skype video, their very controversial break up then the patch up.

It was almost certain that the couple were verging towards a divorce.

Even when Faryal apologized on twitter, Amir Khan Replied that he would always be there for his daughter but he was not getting back with her.

It seemed like there was no way back for the couple.

But in a shocking twist in the story they got back together.

Many people on social media claimed that it was all scripted but anyway they are happy and back together.

Amir khan also featured on the reality show “I’m A Celebrity” where he made some viewers furious because he didn’t know his only daughter’s birthday and asking stupid questions like “Has there ever been a woman prime minister?”

Amir Khan just celebrated his 30th birthday and Talking to The Media, Amir actually revealed why he and Faryal Makhdoom did not opt for divorce despite being on the brink of separation. Here’s what Amir had to say:

“Faryal and I did not go through with the divorce because it is banned in Islam to opt for a divorce when the wife is pregnant.

“I have learned my lesson. It was surely a wake-up call for us both and we believe, it will only make us strong. I think we will be married forever. – Amir Khan.

“We’ve left everything in the past with the baby coming, we’re looking for a brighter future.”

Well, the couple sought religion to be the primary reason for avoiding a divorce. They did not mention anything about either wife or husband’s feeling, neither their child.