Boxer Amir Khan was seen on a night out on Thursday with a beautiful women just after his wife Faryal spoke on their split.

The boxer was seen getting into a taxi with a beautiful Brazilian woman who looks similar to his wife Faryal Makhdoom. They were both spotted coming outside from a sheesha lounge.

Wife Faryal and former light welter weight champion Khan, married in 2013 and have a 3 year old girl Lamaisah together. Faryal is also pregnant with a second unborn baby.

Amir seem relaxed as he went off with the Brazilian woman which will undoubtedly shock to his wife Faryal.

I do a thing called: what I want 👅

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The Brazilian woman was seen wearing a skimpy denim shorts with high thigh boots and a camouflaged jacket.

The stunner is believed to be model from Brazil Bella Gusaamo who is often back and forth to Los Angeles and London.

The pair looked as they were enjoying each others company as she was spotted holding a red rose and Khan with a Louis Vuitton bag beneath his right arm.

It clearly looks like Khan is over with his marriage with Faryal and is moving on.

Reports say Khan is training for a upcoming fight and will be revealing his next opponent soon. It is hard to believe if he could make a comeback after being brutally knocked out by Canelo Alverez but time will tell.