Amir Khan is another scandal, this time he is being accused by a model that he begged her to visit him at his hotel in San Francisco while his pregnant wife was in New York.

The Boxer told Dasha Abdelgany,27, that he ‘drooled over her voice’.

Amir Khan in San Francisco, training for his upcoming fight.

The model revealed her whatsapp messages just days after Amir Khan claimed that he was unfairly targeted by woman.

The model who was in New York at the time claims that Amir Khan sent her hundreds of compliment messages and asked her to come to San Francisco.

Khan flew with his wife to the states on 29 January, Faryal went to her parent’s house in New York and Amir Khan went to San Francisco.

The Model claims Khan sent her a message on 1 Feb.

After reportedly sending a message telling her he was in California and would be ‘alone for a week’ she claims he said it ‘will be nice to connect with U’.

Dasha said: ‘He wanted me to fly to see him before his wife arrived.

‘He said he was only gonna be alone for a week and I needed to get there asap.

‘That call from him got me quite upset and I ended up blocking his numbers.’

Amir khan posted a snap of his three year old daughter Lamaisah with him and a Christmas tree behind him captioning it as Halal Christmas. The image attracted many negative comments from the Muslim community asking Amir Khan to take the pic down.

Dasha said she stumbled on on the picture when it came up on her Instagram explore page and said she hoped he was joking.

‘I saw him posing next to a Christmas tree saying he was going to have a “halal Christmas dinner”,’ she said. ‘There’s no such thing in our religion.’

Khan replied that it was part of British culture, before writing: ‘Those lips in ur pic. Wow.’

Dasha added Khan would call her at work which was a shallow thing to do.

She further claims that Khan then called her the next day just to tell her that he missed her voice. When she replied that he had a ‘lovely accent’ Khan insisted that he would talk to her ‘all night long’.

The model claims she didn’t know much about the boxer so she blocked him and googled his name to find out how many times he had cheated on his pregnant wife.

Days before the I’m a Celebrity star blamed his cheating on women who ‘won’t leave me alone’.

‘I think it’s ­unfair,’ he said. ‘These girls message me first. They just turn up wherever you are. I must have tweeted that I was in a hotel with a friend having some drinks in a bar.

‘And the girl comes up there, they set you up and take a picture. Okay, I take a picture, sit there and talk to you. I’m a kind guy, I’m not a guy who would say to someone “go away and leave me alone”.’

Last month Khan appeared on This Morning and claimed that he doesn’t cheat on his wife.

Amir Khan was accused by another Model Emma Bond, a couple of months ago that he wanted to go on a date with her.

Amir Khan has yet to come clean about the allegations.