An evil man, Aksar Ali brutally murdered his wife, Sinead Wooding with the help of his accomplice, Yasmin Ahmed have both been found guilty.

Husband Aksar Ali stabbed wife Ms wooding and repeatedly hit her with a hammer to death and hid her body in the cellar then later dumping her body in the woods and setting her on fire.

Both were convicted of killing Ms Sinead Wooding and dumping her body in Woodland in Leeds and setting her body on fire.

The jury at Leeds Crown Court found both defendants guilty of the brutal murder of 26-year-old.

Both had denied the killing but were unanimously found guilty by the jury.

Leeds Crown Court heard Aksar Ali struck Ms Wooding while she kneeled down with blood found all over the cellar walls.

The room and walls had been cleaned of most blood stains.

Aksar Ali’s next door neighbour told told Leeds Crown Court she had witnessed Ali and Yasmin carrying what looked like to be a body which was wrapped up and dumped in the boot of a car.

Body of Ms Sinead Wooding’s body was later discovered by a group of joggers.

Ms Sinead Wooding, brutally murdered by Husband Aksar Ali and Accomplice Yasmin Ahmed

Aksar Ali was described as a woman beater during the trial.

Family of Aksar ali were also arrested and put on trial but were found not guilty.

Aksar Ali’s mum Akhtar Bi, 45, denied assisting the deposing Ms Wooding’s body. She was found not guilty.

Asim Ali, 21 brother of Aksar Ali denied assisting the disposal of Ms Wooding’s body and burning of her body. He was found not guilty.

Another female known as Vicky Briggs, 25 of Middleton was found also found guilty by Leeds Crown Court of cleaning the burn material of Ms Sinead Wooding.

Aksar Ali, Yasmin Ahmed and Vicky Brigs are to be sentenced on Wednesday 17 January 2018