Vicky Myres (Victim) was ran over by Ajay Singh, 26 in his Volkswagen Polo while she was cycling in Timperley.

Ajay Singh left Vicky Myres dead at road side as he smashed into her and drove off. Singh was arrested immediately after and has been sentenced today at Manchester Crown Court.

Myres was hit at 62mph breaking her back and suffering 66 external injuries.

He was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment and banned from driving for 10 years and will have to take a retest when he is released.

Her long term boyfriend James was left devastated, he said: “My life now feels meaningless”

Both would often cycle together as a hobble.

When Mr Singh was arrested he was tested positive for Alcohol and was at twice the drink drive limit. He had also taken various other drugs such as Cocaine, Spice, Cannabis and Ketamine. His Cocaine and Cannabis levels were also over the limits. He owned up to taking Ketamine and Spice.

When Singh was being questioned by the police he told the officers he could not answer anything or his life would be in danger from his known drug dealers.

Ajay Singh was previously known to the Police, he had a good few previous conviction, including robbery and violence in Rochdale for stealing a mobile phone and threats with a iron bar. He also had previous convictions related to driving.

At sentencing Judge Potter said:

In the UK alone 102 cyclist have died with over 3000 with serious injuries. A total of 18,470 which covers deaths minor injuries and serious injuries.

We could see future strict road laws coming into effect with such major cyclist accident.