Abu Hamza’s son is the suspect held in connection with the murder of a doorman outside an alleged sex party in Mayfair on New Year’s Eve.

Imran Mostafa Kamel, 26, whose radical preacher father was extradited to the US in 2012, was arrested after Tudor Simionov was knifed in the chest when violence erupted in central London at 5.30am on Wednesday.

Mr Simionov fought off up to nine men seconds before being stabbed to death outside 80 Park Lane – where a private £2,000-a-table gathering allegedly organised by Lord Edward Davenport was going on.

Kamel appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court charged with possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear or danger – but remains a suspect in the murder on January 1.

Kamel’s father is Abu Hamza, 60, the former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque whose radical views brought him to the attention of the authorities and saw him expelled from Britain six years ago after a long legal battle.

Hamza was found guilty of terror offences in both the UK and US, where he is serving a life sentence at a high-security prison.

Mr Simionov moved to the UK with his girlfriend Madalina Anghel for a ‘better life’ two months ago and the couple believed 2019 would be the year they married and started a family.

She told friends today she is taking his body home to Romania for burial and said: ‘On New Year’s Eve my boyfriend and future husband Tudor was stabbed in the heart at work. The loss is impossible. His unexpected death has shocked us all.’

Kamel, who lives in Ealing, west London, appeared in the dock at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and spoke only to confirm his name at the brief hearing.

Matthew Barraclough, prosecuting, told District Judge Michael Snow the case was too serious to be heard in the lower courts and must be moved to the Old Bailey.

Kamel was remanded in custody at Wandsworth Prison. He will make his next court appearance on January 31.

A Metropolitan police spokesman said the firearms offences were not directly connected to the death of 33-year-old Tudor or others hurt in the Park Lane brawl.

The 60-year-old is currently languishing for life in a ‘supermax’ prison in Colorado, where he has complained about the ‘inhuman and degrading’ conditions.

Tudor and Madalina moved to the UK from Romania in October – and he was only working on New Year’s Eve as a favour. 

In footage of the fracas Mr Simionov is seen pushing the men away and throwing punches as the gang try to storm the luxury apartment block overlooking Hyde Park – but the Snapchat film ends before he was knifed in the chest.

Footage from after the stabbing shows the mob having vases thrown at them from the foyer with one of the attackers getting smashed in the head and fleeing from the blood-stained doorstep. 

The doorman was fatally stabbed as he guarded the £5,000-a-week rental property, described as Britain’s most exclusive student pad and previously linked to swingers’ parties.

He was stabbed protecting wealthy clients at a flamboyant party run by disgraced self-styled aristocrat Lord ‘Fast Eddie’ Davenport, it has been claimed.

The peer, known for his opulent sex parties, was seen helping with the payments on the door at the exclusive late night ‘after-party’ when thugs tried to storm their way into the Park Lane venue where Arab princes, tycoons and revellers were celebrating.

A source told MailOnline: ‘It was a wild party. You name it, it was available.’

Doorman Tudor Simionov was killed after being knifed in the chest and the party hostess was also seriously injured when violence erupted at about 5.30am.

Self-styled ‘Lord’ Davenport, 53, a disgraced former friend to the stars who made his name running ‘Gatecrasher’ balls for public school pupils, was given an eight-year jail term in September 2011 for a £4.5million fraud.

But he was released from prison after three years as an ‘act of mercy’ when he convinced judges he was gravely ill with kidney problems – but he is clearly enjoying life as a free man.

An employee at the New Year’s Eve party said Eddie Davenport organised the event and took payment from high-spirited revellers.

The member of staff, who asked not to be named, said: ‘Eddie organised the party. He was the one who handled payment.

‘He was the one with the card machine and collecting cash. For example, five males were charged £2,000, three males were £800 and I think one male single entry was £100. Prices weren’t fixed, they went up and down. Davenport worked with two other chaps and a Chinese lady.’

A neighbour said that there were ‘girls dressed in sexy outfits and lingerie coming in and out’ all night and told The Sun: ‘It looked like a sex themed event’.

A second source well placed inside the London party scene said: ‘The party at 80 Park Lane was organized by Lord Davenport.

‘Fast Eddie had got a lot in a lot of brass [high-class prostitutes] and he had a lot of his friends and old clients there.

‘It was all going well until the bad element turned up. The hostess told the door staff not to let them in and then it all kicked off.

‘One of the doorman got stabbed and died and the hostess got slashed. It’s absolutely tragic he is a young lad you had not been in London for long.’

A neighbour told The Sun: ‘Before the stabbing there were girls dressed in sexy outfits and lingerie coming in and out.

‘It looked like a sex-themed event — high heels, corsets and so on.’

Club promoter Tommy Mack also said Davenport was involved in the party and said there were many affluent guests who spent thousands to secure a table.

‘Fast Eddie [Davenport] is a great guy and runs the best parties. He organised the New Year’s Eve party in Park Lane. It was a private party but word got out and the bad element turned up.

‘It’s absolutely terrible what happened to the doorman.

‘There were a lot of Eddie’s friends and clients there – Arab princes, people with money, that kind of thing. There were some lovely girls there and they had paid thousands to book a table at the party and they did not want thugs ruining their night.’

Last night Davenport ‘s lawyer maintained his client did not organise the party, take any money from clients or pay anyone to promote the party.

But he admitted he did not know if his client was there: ‘I am awaiting instructions from Mr Davenport as to whether he was at the party or not.’

Club promoter Leroy Rose, 25, fought to save Mr Simionov’s life but said he only survived around a minute after being stabbed in the chest.

He told the Standard: ‘I saw him come back inside. He was in a suit and it was covered in blood. He didn’t have a protective vest or anything. I saw blood coming from his chest.

‘I pulled him into the back and grabbed a towel and held the wound. He never said a word, he was in a shock. He only survived for a minute. He was stabbed in the middle of the chest. He is a hero, he died trying to save his colleagues. He beat up about nine guys by himself.’

Two of the bouncers, along with a woman who worked at the venue booking tables, were also stabbed.

Mr Rose said: ‘It is a place where high end clients come, people with a lot of money.

‘It’s usually people who we know and the venue know are coming. The people outside were trying to enter but they weren’t allowed in.

‘The owner is a very rich man, he is in the public eye. The place works by paying a fee to buy a table.’

Mr Rose said the bouncer had actually been placed inside the venue to monitor security but left to help his colleagues by the door after a group of nine or more thugs tried to make their way in.

He said: ‘There was a fight outside and he came out to help. The security guards were getting beaten up and he went out to help them.

‘He helped those guys but he had only been out there for about 30 seconds when he was stabbed in the middle of the chest..

‘I saw him come back inside. I saw him bleeding and I said ‘come here, come here’ and I took him into the bathroom.

‘His suit was covered in blood and it was coming out of his chest. He wasn’t wearing a protective vest.

‘I grabbed a towel and held the wound. He never said a word to me. I think he was in shock. He only survived for about a minute.

‘He died in front of me with his eyes open, staring at me.

‘I then went into the hallway and everything was smashed. They had managed to kick down the door. There were other people on the floor stabbed. There was blood all over the floor.’

Of the Romanian-born security guard, Mr Rose said: ‘He was a nice guy. The nicest one of of all the security guards there.

‘He is a hero, he died trying to save his colleagues. He took on nine of them.’

A 26-year-old man has since been arrested on suspicion of murder and is currently in custody at a central London police station.

Katarina Petran, 36, a close friend of Mr Simionov’s girlfriend, said the doorman only decided to work after being offered more than double pay.

‘He was being paid £400 to work on New Year’s Eve, which is more than double what he earned as a doorman in the west end.

‘Madalina didn’t want him to initially work but he said they needed the money and it was too good to turn down as they had plans to start a family and needed it.’

Mr Simionov told her that the event was organised by a well known promoter and that tables cost between £1500 to £2000.

‘Tudor started working for clubs and exclusive parties almost immediately after arriving in London. He also had a lot of experience as a doorman in his native Bucharest. He was also a keep fit fanatic.’

Mr Simionov was an accomplished boxer and rower and at one stage he had ambitions to row for Romania but gave them up to work after losing his father in his early 20s. He also lost his mother earlier this year.

He was a devout Christian who regularly attended church. Miss Petran said that Madalina is planning to take his body back to Romania for a traditional Orthodox funeral.

The Park Lane attack was filmed by witnesses outside the luxury three-bedroom home.

The house features views of Hyde Park, glass floors, its own 24-hour concierge and a roof terrace. It is one of the world’s most expensive student houses, costing £5,000 a week to rent.

It is understood to have been used for swingers’ parties in the past. 

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Partridge said: ‘It appears the deceased and the two injured males were working as security staff for the party.

‘They were attacked by a group of males who were outside trying to enter. The female was also attacked as she assisted the security staff in closing the front door.

‘This shocking incident happened just hours into a New Year, the area was particularly busy with people out celebrating and making their way home.’