A woman have been arrested in India for posing as a man and marrying two woman for dowry.

Krishna Sen was arrested by police for demanding a huge dowry which is illegal but still a very common practice in India.

When police interrogated Krishna Sen it was revealed that she was a woman.

Krishna Sen also known as Sweety has been posing as a man since 2014.

Krishan first got married to another woman in 2014.

“At first we failed to understand what Krishna was saying,” senior police officer Janamejay Khanduri told the media.

“We conducted a medical examination and found that Krishna is female.”

Krishna Sen soon divorced her first wife and got married again in April last year.

Krishna’s in law filed a complaint against her for demanding dowry. Krishan had also borrowed 850,000 Rupees (£9,500) and was not returning the money.

Dowry is a very old tradition of India where the bride’s parents gives clothes jewellery and cash to the groom.

Krishna told police that she always wanted to be a man and live like a man.

It is still unknown if Krishna’ parents are aware of Krishna’s activities.

Krishna did not have any physical relations with both woman and never undressed in front of them.

Krishnas friends were mostly male and she would even use men’s toilet. She would drink and smoke and ride a bike so no one would get suspicious.

“With male hairstyle, dress and behaviour, Krishna used to live a male life. Nobody ever doubted Krishna,” another police officer said.

She even walked like a “confident man”, he added.