Pedro Rubim, 43, haven been convicted of manslaughter at Blackfriars Crown Court after he killed his 6 weeks old son. He was jailed for 8 years and six months.

The court was told how the baby was in father’s care on 20 Feb when his mother went for medical checkup.

When she was at the hospital she texted Rubim asking how the baby was, he replied saying he left the baby in a baby-bouncer and when he returned he was on the floor.

Rubim then called an Ambulance which arrived quickly on the scene.

When paramedics arrived there the baby was not breathing and had no pulse. One of the nurse saw blood in the baby’s airways, CPR was given to the baby at the scene.

The baby was taken to the Royal Free hospital where the paediatrician did not believe in what Rubim was saying and called police.

A full scale investigation was launched by the Metropolitan Sexual Offences Expolitation and child abuse command.

Due to the seriousness of the baby he was transferred to the specialist Great Ormond Street hospital.

A detailed examination revealed that the baby’s brain was injured which had caused bleeding inside the skull.

The injury resulted in prolonged cardiac arrest and as a result his brain was critically injured. The baby died on 24 Feb.

After the baby’s death officers from the Homicide and Major Crime Command started an investigation.

A post mortem revealed deep bruising to both buttocks, retinal haemorrhages which results from head injury from shaking. Two spots on the scalp had bruises of 9 cm and 5 cm.

Rubim was arrested on 22 Feb on suspicion of gross bodily harm with intent.

Initially Rubim claimed that he left the baby on the baby-bouncer and when he returned he found the baby on the floor.

Medical examination revealed a different story, the injuries were too serious and could not have resulted by falling from a baby-bouncer.

Rbuim was granted bail but after the baby died he was arrest and charged with manslaughter.

When the trial started, Rubim admitted he had shaken his baby twice,  once slightly and then vigorously.

DC David West, Homicide and Major Crime Command said: “Alejandro should have been safe with his father, whose duty it was to love and protect his child. Pedro failed in that duty, his actions directly resulted in the death of Alejandro, a fact he will have to come to terms with and reconcile as time passes by. This has been a heart-breaking case for the rest of Alejandro’s family, who are still struggling to come to terms with his loss”

“I would urge anyone who is struggling to cope with a new-born baby to reach out for help. Health care professionals and charities, such as the NSPCC, are there to help and support you.”