A-level student has been locked up behind bars for EIGHT YEARS when he tried buying a car bomb of the internet to murder his parents.

Gurtej Randhawa, 19 year old was taken into police custody from the National Crime Agency’s Armed Operations Unit after he took then delivery of the package that was planted by the officers.

Gurtej Randhawa of Grove Lane, Wightwick, Wolverhampton attempted to purchase a car bomb to murder his parents because they did not approve of the girl he was having a relationship with.

He feared his mother and father would end his relationship so he planned to murder them to keep his sweetheart and himself together for the ultimate price of his parents.

Gutej Randhawa, 19 seen taking the package (Picture: National Crime Agency)

The package was replaced by the police with a dummy car bomb before giving the go ahead to be delivered to the address of Gurtej Randhawa.

The police watched him test the device and arrested him after that. Two females were also arrested but were released with no charges.

Gurtej Randhawa pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown to attempting to import explosives  Court of maliciously possessing an explosive substance with intent to endanger life or cause serious injury.

“Tim Gregory, from the NCA’s Armed Operations Unit, said, The explosive device Randhawa sought to purchase online had the potential to cause serious damage and kill many people if he had been successful in using it,” said Tim Gregory from the NCA’s Armed Operations Unit.

“He was not involved in an organised crime group or linked to terrorism, but his actions show he is someone who poses a significant risk to the community.

Identifying people like Randhawa, who seek to access illegal firearms and weapons, is a priority for the NCA and we will not stop in our efforts to make sure they are arrested and held accountable for their actions”.

CPS International Justice and Organised Crime Division Andy Young, said: “Gurtej Randhawa attempted to purchase explosives which could have resulted in deaths or serious injuries had they been used.

“He denied he planned to use the explosives to cause injury but the CPS demonstrated to the jury that this was a lie and Randhawa was observed attempting to test his device before being arrested.

“Randhawa had used the dark web in an attempt to avoid detection but instead he is now serving a significant prison sentence.”