Thieves who stole bank cards in Manchester town centre were allowed by the off-licence owners to use them in their shop on Wilmslow road (Curry mile).

Manchester Crown Court heard, The Boom store off-licence in Rusholme Manchester became the ‘Honey Pot’ for thieves when the word spread out that the owners of Boom store would allow stolen bank cards to be used in the shop.

After the thieves stole the bank cards, mostly at cash points, the stolen bank cards would quickly get used at the off-licence before the card owner would report it as stolen.

The card thieves would pay massively over inflated prices from the stolen bank cards in return for alcohol, cash or cigarettes and the owners would make massive profits.

One of the thieves payed £700 for an empty card board box, all the money ended up in the owners business account.

The owners made thousands of pounds in a matter of a few months.

They were sentenced at Manchester crown court by Judge Timothy Smith, he said “Your shop therefore became something of a honeypot for those who went out in Manchester to steal bank cards. Those who were involved in the theft of those cards made their way rapidly to your shop.”

Bobby Bhuiyan, 39, was locked up for nine months, suspended for 18 months and her husband Shorab Bhuiyan, 43, was locked up for 18 months.

The couple denied the charges of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering but were found guilty at their trial.

An amount of £9,039 was stolen by the shop owners over 24 transactions.