sohail ashraf

Asmat Junejo had gone to her doctor for a toothache. A few hours later, a call was made to her parents, informing them of her critical condition.

Junejo, a young woman from Karachi, left her home in Ibrahim Hyderi to seek medical treatment from the Sindh Government Hospital in Korangi for a severe toothache.

A little later on, Junejo’s parents received a phone call from someone at the hospital, stating that Asmat was in critical condition and that she had to be picked up immediately.

Asmat was later on taken to Jinnah Hospital where she was declared dead.

According tot the medical report, Asmat carried no physical injury but according to the autopsy she had been given a poisonous injection followed by sexual assault.

The family has since filed an FIR against the hospital for negligence as well as firing the man who contacted Asmat’s parents along with two other members of staff.

The duty officer, Dr. Ayaz has not yet been found but the police are in current pursuit of him.

People have been asking for justice for Asmat

Will the culprits ever get punished.

Earlier today, the malpractice of one doctor caused the death of a 9-month old.

Nishwa was injected with the wrong medicine, became paralyzed and was pronounced dead earlier this morning.

Malpractice is the disgusting outcome of what happens when medical officials in pakistan begin to align their capabilities to God or a higher power with notions of no consequences and no ethics.

While Asmat’s rape is more than just malpractice, it does call into question the kind of policies and procedures in place at medical institutions to ensure that a patient does not suffer harassment or worse, grievous bodily harm, at the hands of their medical practitioners.